How To Backup Android Contacts To Gmail Account, PC, And Sd Card.

Backup & Restore Contacts in Android 

How To Backup Contacts in Android? Most of the android users or we can say at least once all android users search this question. People search this to take a backup of all their contacts in case if their phone gets formatted or looses all data. So that they can recover or revert back their contacts in phone to run it properly. Its not too hard to backup contacts in an android phone, in fact, its an easy process to follow. But still, most of android users don’t know How To Backup Contacts from Android? They search for the method to backup contacts on web but still not able to get the proper method. So today I am sharing the three and best, easiest methods to backup contacts in android. Today, you will learn three methods for the same.

Backup Contacts in Android

Methods To Backup Contacts From Android (In Android)

Android is the most popular and useful OS version these days. It has billions of users all over the world and regularly new versions of android are also being launched. It makes any work easy and 100 times faster. You can complete even your PC works in android and don’t need to carry heavy PC everywhere. In the play store, there are millions of apps available for all small and big works you need to do. We can use it for several works for different purposes. It makes us able to do work efficiently and fast. But sometimes our android phone is gets crashed or is entirely formatted by us accidentally.

How To Backup Android Contacts To Gmail

After loosing contacts, there is no way there to recover them without Backup and we need to save all contacts again by finding numbers of friends, relatives by asking them. But this work is nearly impossible as nowadays everyone has more than one phone. So we can’t save each number. Then what can we do? This question arises in mind of everyone. But now you don’t need to worry anymore as I am going to share the step by step process to Backup contacts in android phone.

Also I am sharing three different methods that you can use to Backup your contacts in your phone. All three methods are genuine, 100% working and easy to do. You can use any of them according to your suitability. You can also Backup your contacts with all three methods for more security. So now without wasting anymore time and makimg you wait any more, lets move ahead. Check out three methods below to backup contacts in your phone.

How To Backup Contacts in Android with PC

Below I am sharing all the three easiest and best methods to backup contacts in android phone. You can use any method, all three are fast and easy to implement. In the first two methods you can backup your contacts in your android and in last you can backup in PC. So lets start.

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#1. Backup Contacts From Android To SD Card

Every android device comes with a Pre-installed contacts app and phone app. From contacts app, you can access all your saved contacts and save or delete any contacts. This first method will teach you to Backup contacts from this contacts app to your sd card. After backing up your contacts in Android, if you loose contacts, you can immediately backup all your contacts from backup saved in sd card. Below are steps for this method.

1. First of all open the Contacts app in your android phone.

2. Select contacts which you want to backup or I will recommend to select all the contacts.

3. After you select all your contacts which you want to have in backup, click on Menu or Options button. After clicking on menu, click on Import/Export option from all the options appearing on the screen.

4. For backup of contacts in android, click on Export To SD Card

Done!¡ You have successfully made a backup of your contacts in SD Card. Make sure you note the name of backup file to recover it. Below are steps to recover contacts from backup.

5. Whenever you want to recover or get back your contacts follow the below steps:

Open Contacts app>>Menu or Options>>Import/Export>>Import from SD Card.

6. After above things, select the backup file from SD card and done you will get your contacts back.

So friends this was the easiest method to backup your contacts in android. But if mistakenly you formatted your SD card you will not be able to get contacts back. So you can also follow next two methods.

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#2. Backup Contacts From Android To Gmail

Above was the best and easiest method to backup your contacts in SD card but if you lost your phone or SD card. Or mistakenly formatted your SD card. You will not be able to get your contacts back. So I am sharing this second method to backup contacts to gmail. With this method if you lost your phone SD card even then you will be able to get them back from your gmail.

1. First of all go to Settings of your phone.

2. After opening settings, scroll down and click on Accounts and Sync option from the list.

3. After this, click on Google Accounts and sign in to your gmail account.

4. Click on Sync Contacts Option.

5. Now a process will start and take a few minutes. Your all contacts will be saved to your gmail account.

*After the backup, you can export all your contacts in android phone or PC for safety. . To export contacts in pc follow below steps.-

  • Open and sign in to your gmail account in pc.
  • Select all your contacts and click on More option.
  • Now select Export option from list. Then click on Contact Ration option and then click on Vcard format, save your contacts to pc.

Steps To Export Contacts From Gmail

  • To get these contacts in android send these to your android phone sd card. Then recover your contact from SD card you shared from pc to your phone.

This was another great method to backup contacts in android phone. You can use it to recover contacts easily. Lets proceed to next method.

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#3. Backup Contacts From Android To PC

Below is the third and last method to backup contacts from android to PC. You can then export these contacts to your phone from pc. Take a look on this method. Below is the step by step process to backup contacts from android to pc.

1. First of all to backup contacts from android to pc, you will have to install a software in your pc named as MobileGo Wondershare. Download it from below link

Download Here

2. After downloading Run the software.

3. Now connect your android device to PC via USB cable. Make sure you turn on USB Debugging mode on android. Your device will be connected to PC

4. Click on Conatcts from left in the software in PC.

5. It will show all your contacts in your android. Select contacts which you want to save.

6. Click on Export from Above Menu.

Done!!  Your contacts will be exported to PC. You have successfully backed up your contacts for safety. If you loose contacts due to any reason, you can get them back anywhere, anytime, easily.

How to Take Backup Contacts in Android with SD Card

So friends this was the method shared by us today to back up contacts from android phone. We shared all the three methods to backup contacts. You can backup contacts in android itself, backup in PC and also to your gmail account. If you loose your contacts in emergency, you can get them back easily without any special things. These three are best and working easiest methods to backup contacts from android phone. So now you don’t need to worry anymore if you loose your contacts. Go and make a backup of contacts now.

However if you are still getting any problem in backing up contacts feel free to comment below, we are always there for help. Stay tuned and updated with us. Its time to say bye :p now. We will be back with a new trick soon.


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