{Latest Working} How To Use 4G Jio Sim Card in 3G/4G Dongle.


Trick to Use Jio Sim In 3G/4G Dongle

Hey Guys Have you ever think about to use Jio 4G Sim card in 3G/4G Dongle?. if Yes then this article helps you to use jio Sim card in 3G/4g Dongle.Today in this article i am going to show you Best trick to use Jio 4G Sim Card in 3G, 4G Dongle.As you know Jio is the biggest Network For Data And Calling in India.After Jio Welcome Offer & New Year Offer Jio Started Giving Prime [email protected] And unlimited Data in Cheap Rates.Many Users Already using Jio 4G Sim card in their 3G Smartphone & 3G Dongle.We Have Already Posted Trick To use Jio 4G Sim Card in 3G Android Device.But guys What if you wnats to use jio 4G sim in 3G/4G Dongle? .Don’t Worry for this Question, After Reading this article completely, you will never ask this question to Anyone.
Jio Have Already Millions Of Users From All over India. Jio Has Become the biggest Network For Data & unlimited calling. Jio Already Offered Free unlimited 4G Data, Free Calling & Roming From Last 1 Year And Now Jio Started giving Prime [email protected] And Data Packs in Cheap rates. Jio Recently Launched 3G Sim Cards in Big States & Peoples Living in Big States Are Already Using Jio Sim cards in 3G Dongle And Android Device. But Guys In Some States Jio 3G Sim cards are not Available to Use in 3G Dongle And Android Device.Don’t Worry We Are Going to Share New Working Trick To Use 4G jio Sm card in 3G/4G Dongle.If You Are Also a Part of That State Where 3G jio Sim cards are not Available Then Follow this Article And Below Steps To Use Jio Sim Card in 3G, 4G Dongle.
Use Jio Sim in 3G,4G Dongle

Here In This Article I Am Going To Share Solution For Your Question ‘How To Use 4G Jio Sim Card in 3G, 4G Dongle?’ If You Are Thinking That This is Not Possible To Use Jio 4G Sim Card in Any Dongle, Then Read This Article& Follow by Yourself. I Am Sure To Say you Can easily Use Jio 4G Sim Card in Any 3G, 4G Dongle Without Any Query. So Without Wasting Your Time Let’s Start the Tutorial for Which You Are Here.

Use Jio Sim in Any 3G, 4G Dongle
So Guys Now Comes to the Main Topic For Which You All Are Here. Some People Surfing Internet in their PC And Laptops by Using Jio hotspot. As they Think that we can’t Use Jio Sim Card in 4G Dongle, But Their thinking is Wrong. Because You Can Easily Use Jio 4G Sim Card in 4G Dongle, Even you can use Jio Sim In 3G Dongle Also. This Is Very Easy to Use Jio Sim Card in 4G, 3G Dongle, if you try. To use jio Sim Card in 4G Dongle, You Didn’t have to do anything, Just Follow Below Steps And Enjoy your Jio internet.

Steps To Use Jio Sim in 4G Dongle.:-

Here Are Only few Steps To understand “How To use Jio Sim in 4G Dongle”. So let’s start 

Step 1- Insert Jio Sim Card in 4G Dongle– Guys First thing you have to do is to Insert 4G Jio Sim in any 4G Dongle (Check your Dongle is 4G Supported or Not).

Step 2- Now Simply Plug Your Dongle into Your PC Or Laptop. 

Step 3- Now Install Your Dongle Software in Your PC Or laptop. Go For Further Process, if you have Successfully Installed Dongle Software in Your PC Or Laptop.

Step 4- Run Dongle And Check Your Jio Network. Wait For Seconds To Receive Jio Network in Dongle . If You Are Not Getting Jio Network in Dongle then Simply Remove Dongle And Insert Dongle In PC.  (If you are not getting Network after Long Time, Then Make Sure you Have Properly inserted Jio Sim card in Dongle)

Step 5-  Set APN Setting– If You Have Properly Inserted Jio Sim And then Also Not Getting Network, Then you Have To Set Your APN Settings. This Issue Mainly Occur In Window 8. So Easily Go To your Dongle Settings And Set Access Point Name As jionet And Leave All Boxes Empty And Simply Save Your All Settings.

Step 6- Now Click On Connect Button To Connect Your Internet And Enjoy Jio Internet Surfing. 

Now I Am Sure You Are thinking About “How To Use Jio Sim In 3G Dongle”. here Below I Am Also Sharing Trick To Use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle. 

How To Use Jio Sim Card In 3G Dongle:-

Guys to Use Jio Sim Card in 3G Dongle there Is no method Available. But You Have to try Above Steps in 3G Dongle.If you Get Network in 3G Dongle, Then Connect Your internet And Enjoy. Don’t Worry guys Jio recently Announced that They Are Launching 3G Sim Cards in Every States within Some Months. Jio 3G Sim Cards Can Be Used to Surf internet By 3G Dongles. You can Use Wifi Hotspot Or Jiofi until jio Launched their 3G Sim Cards.
Use Jiofi To Surf Jio Net in Laptop or PC
So Guys This is our Today’s Article on Trick To Use Jio Sim in 3G,4G Dongle. Guys i have shared best and easy trick to use Jio Sim in 4G Dongle. Guys Jio Didn’t have launched 3G sim cards in Some States, But Don’t Worry Reliance Owner Mukesh Ambani has Announced to luanch jio 3G Sim Cards in All States in India.

Last Words:-
                                      So Guys This Is Our Today’s Article on “How To Use Jio Sim Cards in 3G,4G Dongle.”I Hope You Enjoyed Our Today’s Article Without Any Problem. Guys This is The Best method to Use jio sim card in Any 3G, 4G Dongle. Don’t Feel Sad if you are unable to use Jio sim in 3G Dongle Because As i Explained Above Jio Is going to Launch their 3G sim Cards in All States, So Soon when you Got Jio 3G Sim card,then Try Above steps Easily you will be able to use jio Sim card in 3G Dongle Also, But Until Jio Launch 3G Sim card you can use Jiofi Or Mobile Hotspot to Use Jio internet in Laptop or PC. 

Guys If You Enjoyed our trick then Don’t Forget to Share With Your Friends And Relatives. And Is you Are Getting Any Problem then Feel Free to Comment Below, I Will Try My Best To Solve Your Problem. Guys Keep Visiting Our Blog For More Tips And Tricks. 


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