[Location Spoofing] How to Spoof or Fake GPS Location

Android is probably the most versatile and practical mobile operating system in the world. Even though its performance with respect to other mobile platforms like iOS is debatable, one thing where this OS absolutely stomps on the competition is in superuser privileges (even without root access!).

I am not hesitant to say this: Android is THE BEST operating system for exploiting your system to get the absolute best experience from a given hardware set. One such privilege available to Android users is location spoofing.

In case you did not know already, Android phones can give out fake locations to fool some apps and services for your own safety. Location spoofing is seriously cool to have, and you should know how you can get this on your android phone, provided you were smart enough to buy one over an iPhone.

Why Should You Consider Spoofing Your Location?

When I say spoofing, I don’t mean you are going undercover or thieving for something. Location spoofing can genuinely come in handy when you find yourself in many undesired situations. For instance, you are browsing the web and some website keeps insisting on getting your location to “enhance your browsing experience”.

Though their intentions might be genuine and clean, it still does not justify trusting an online resource centre with your private information about your location. So instead of telling keep telling that pop-up message to bugger off, you could just spoof your location and use it carefree.

Alternatively, some app may be super cool but may refuse to offer its services to your locality. I know, it’s annoying. These apps refuse to work in some countries even though their functionality has nothing to do with your location. What’s next? Will it require me to rap in an American accent as well?

Introvert jokes aside, spoofing your location for the sake of getting these bothersome apps to work in your “non-supported” geographical area, is frigging awesome. So stop thinking about whether you should continue reading or not, and start scrolling, mate! You need to know all this crap in 2018, or you won’t get a girl (or a guy, however you swing).

Now, assuming that you have an awesome android phone (even an non rooted one is considered cool), let us see how you can Spoof or Fake Your Location Easily.

1. Get a Location Spoofing App

Easy, right? Just go to the play store and grab yourself a nice, free location spoofing application.  You can pretty much get any app that you want since the end functionality of all these services is the same. But here is one app that I recommend you check out.

Fake GPS Go

Fake GPS Go

It’s called Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer. It’s a free app which works pretty well. If you don’t know which one to get, just get this one. If you’re not satisfied with this app then just give a try to any of these GPS spoofer offered by TechWhoop.

Now that you have installed the app, you will need to enable Mock location capabilities of your phone, by enabling developer options. If you don’t know how to do that, just walk through these steps, and you will be a developer!

2. Enable Developer Options

  • Go to Settings>>About device and scroll down until you see the build number option.
  • In some phone UIs, like some china phones (such as Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, Gionee, etc.), you will find that under version info.
  • Tap on the build number 7 times, until it says ‘you are now a developer!‘.
  • Come back, and you should now be able to see a new menu called developer settings, right above the About phone option. On the above-mentioned device interfaces, you will find the developer option buried under another setting called something like Advanced settings.

Well done! You now have full developer access to your phone. You might have to go in the setting and enable it again, in some phone ROMs.

3. Start Spoofing Now

Open developer options and scroll down to an option that says Allow Mock Locations. Check that tick box. If you are using a phone which is running on an Android version higher than 6.0 marshmallow (which you most likely are), you should do one additional step.

You need to choose the app under Mock Location app. You will find that option in the neighbourhood of the USB debugging settings, pretty easy to find. Click on it and select the app which we installed earlier.

Now, open the spoofing app that you installed. In the app, in the location method, select GPS only. This will not allow the sites or other apps that you are trying to fool, guess your location based on the internet address of your device.

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Then, all that’s left to do is for you to select a random location from the map you see and set it as your spoof location. That’s all! It can be wherever you want, just tap somewhere (on land) and click on the set button.

There you go, an easy way to spoof your location using an android phone. Enjoy!

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