How To Delete/Remove Facebook Account Permanently {New 2017}


Delete/Remove Facebook Account Permanently (Trick 2017)

Wants To Delete your Facebook account Permanently ? Don’t worry about this question because today in this Article i Am going To Share “How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account?”. Guys As you all know Facebook is very popular Nowadays. Millions of Users are using Facebook. Facebook is becoming very helpful to chat with your relatives and friends which are far away from us. But some time many of us feels irritating when using Facebook. Facebook is one of the Biggest Platform for social networking, but not for all. maybe you haven’t found Facebook useful after using some days. Many of us wants to Delete Facebook Account Permanently. so For this Solution i have shared this article in which i am going to show you ‘How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently’?

Some of the peoples think that using Facebook is like wasting our time, but some of us like using Facebook. Many of Students Deactivate their Facebook Account During Examination time or something else. In Some Situations we have to quit our Facebook Account. Whatever the reason is, But if you wants to Delete or deactivate your Account then, read This Article Carefully and Complete.

How To Remove Facebook Account Permanently

How To Remove Facebook Account Permanently (2017 Trick)

Sometimes a situation arrives when we have to quit the Facebook Account. whatever the situation is but during that situation we prefer to deactivate our Facebook Account. because we don’t know about ‘How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account‘. so sometimes whenever we needs to check our messages we go to Facebook and Login i.e. we have re-activated our Facebook Account & and Now everyone can able to see our posts,Photos and information on Facebook. So what if you Wants to Permanently Delete Facebook Account so that whenever anyone try to Login my Account, He/she will be unable to Login and No one Can Login Your Account even you also. Don’t worry here is the best Solution For your Problem. i have founded that many of Facebook Users faces this Problem whenever they uses Facebook so i decided to Share this Article with You, so that you will never face this type of Problem Again & Again. So Let’s Check out the tutorial for which you are here.

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Deactivating & Deleting Facebook Account Difference.

Guys, Before going for the steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently, Firstly i Wants to Explain you The difference between Deactivating & Deleting Facebook Account. i Know some of you guys are thinking that deactivating and Deleting Facebook Account is a similar process, But firstly delete this thought from your Mind, Because there is a Big Difference Between Deactivating & deleting Facebook Account. In Simple Words,

Deactivating Facebook Account– You Can Get Back Your Facebook Account, Whenever your Mind Changes.

Deleting Facebook Account – Permanently remover your account From Facebook (Irreversible Process, never get back your account

So This is the Difference between deleting & deactivating Facebook Account. and i hope you understood well. So guys Now if you Wants to Deactivate Your Facebook Account then, Follow these simple below Steps and if You wants to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account then follow Steps which are mentioned in the end part of article.

Deactivating Facebook Account :- 

  • First Of All Open
  • Now Go To Settings 
  • Now Click on General option in the settings
  • Now Simply, Click on Deactivate Account to deactivate Facebook account

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

  • Finally, click on confirm button and enter your Facebook account password now your account will be automatically deactivated and now no one can see your profile, posts & Photos on Facebook

Deleting Facebook Account :- 

It is one of the another option to quit your Facebook, But Before trying this make sure you will never return to Facebook. if you are sure that you will never wants to use this Facebook account then Permanently Delete Your Facebook account.

# Permanently Delete Facebook Account 

Guys After deleting your Facebook Account, no one can able to see your posts, Photos, and Information on Facebook i.e. your account is permanently removed by Facebook. Usually it takes 14 days to Remove your Facebook account From Facebook so after following Below steps be patience and before trying this make sure that you are not able to open your Facebook account after deleting your account. 

if there is any personal data available on your Facebook account then, Don’t Worry You can easily Download your Photos and complete Data from Your account in just a single click try these below steps to Download Your Facebook Data before deleting your account From Facebook Permanently

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Take Backup of Your Facebook Data Before Permanently Deleting Account :-

  • First of All go to and Login to Your Account.
  • Now Go To Settings >> General.

  • Now you will see a Download a Copy of your Facebook Data Option simply, click on it.

Delete Facebook account Permanently

  • Now a new page will appear, Click on Download Archive.

  • Now Enter your Facebook account Password and Click on submit.

Delete Facebook Account

  • Now when your files are ready to Download, Facebook will automatically send a e-mail to your registered email .

Backup Includes (Data Which can be Backup Before deleting Facebook Account) :- 

  • About You
  • Account Status History
  • Active Sessions
  • Birthday Visibility
  • Chat (a Complete history taken directly from your message inbox)
  • Current City
  • Deleted Friends
  • Events
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • Logins
  • Photos
  • Posts by You
  • Videos
  • And  More (All Photos, Videos, Chat,and Complete info of your Profile)

I Think Now You Are ready To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

So Guys if you Downloaded a complete info of your profile, all photos, and all compulsory data then i think you are ready to Delete your Facebook Account. but keep in mind after deleting your Facebook Account you are not able to Login Again. 

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Delete Facebook Account Permanently (Steps) :-

Deleting Facebook Account permanently is not a very hard task. you only have to submit your account deleting appeal to Facebook. But Before submitting appeal make sure you have downloaded your Facebook Data and then Try These steps to Delete Your Facebook account Permanently.

→ First Of All Login To Facebook (with account which you wants to delete permanently).

 Now Go To delete Facebook Account Permanently Page From Below.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

→  Now on the next page Click On Delete My Account.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook Account Permanently


→  Now Simply enter Your Facebook Account Password(last time) and Solve Captcha and click on Ok.

Remove Facebook Account Permanently

Remove Facebook Account Permanently


Done……. Now your account is successfully submitted for permanently deleting, Facebook will usually take 14 Days to delete your Account Information and complete Data from Facebook 

Last Words 

So Guys This is Our Today’s Article On “How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account“. i hope you have learned something new today from this article. this is the easiest way to Delete Facebook Account permanently. i will suggest you to Not to delete your account permanently because deleting your Facebook Account means saying Goodbye to your Friends and relatives. Facebook is the only best way to chat and share photos & videos with your Friends and relatives which are very Far from you even if they are living in any other country. This is the best method for any student who doesn’t wants to be distract from his/her studies, if you deactivate your Facebook Account then you will definitely attract towards the Facebook again and try to Login but Once you Delete your account then you can’t Login to Your Account Again.

So if you have enjoyed this article then don’t Forget to Share with Your friends and if you are Getting any Problem Related to this article then, freely Comment Below i will Try my best to solve your problems.


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